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About Us

Bonnecaze Absinthe & Home (formally Bonnecaze et Cie Wholesale) is the premier maker and wholesaler of absinthe ware in North and South America. Founded in 2012, by Cary René Bonnecaze, the Baton Rouge based company specializes in reproducing antique pieces used to drink a traditional French/Swiss absinthe (cold water drip with sugar), as it was prepared over 100 years ago. These high quality items are meticulously hand made with close attention to every detail.

Our customers range from home décor and specialty gift stores, to absinthe distilleries and liquor stores. We also cater to a large number of bars and restaurants throughout the United States and other parts of the world. Some of our past and present customers include catalog companies such as Hammacher Schlemmer and Antropologie, casinos like the Wynn Las Vegas and Harrah’s Casinos, and absinthe brands; Jade Liquors, Lucid, Pernod Fils, Mansinthe, Pacifique and Kübler, to name a few.

In 2006, a year before the FDA’s approval of absinthe, Bonnecaze et Cie Wholesale established the first wholesale business in the United States devoted to reproduction absinthe ware. The company introduced many new absinthe items to the U.S. market and was the nation’s premier supplier of wholesale absinthe ware.

Although successful in business, unfortunately the business closed its doors in the summer of 2010 due to unforeseen personal circumstances.

Bonnecaze Absinthe & Home has picked up where Bonnecaze et Cie Wholesale left off, establishing a reputation as being the nation’s most knowledgeable maker and seller of reproduction absinthe ware.